The New Danish Gin Scene

Get an in-depth introduction to the new Danish gin scene with En Verden af Gin.


With the past few years increasing interest in gin, the once inferior spirit has evolved into a beautiful and complex liquid that can easily be compared to aged spirits like whisky and rum.

Although the majority of gin is still used in gin and tonics, regional gin gems made by local gin smiths has challenged the common understanding of gin being just a simple white spirit flavoured by juniper.
In Denmark small craft distillers are popping up everywhere these years introducing unique Danish gins using local botanicals to give the spirit a local feel and personal touch of some of the most passionate distillers in the world.

En Verden af Gin (A World of Gin) offers in-depth gin tastings of local Danish gins. Participants will get a thorough introduction to the new world of gin and the Danish gin scene. During 1,5 hour we will taste 6 very different Danish gins – from the floral Nordisk Gin from Thy in northern Denmark to the world’s first honey-based gin, Copenhagen Dry Gin – and we always finish off with a gin and tonic.

Gin tastings takes place in central Copenhagen and costs 250 kroner (incl. VAT).

If you and your friends are in town and fancy a gin tasting of new Danish gins, please send me an inquiry via the mail form below.

See all the Danish gins here:

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